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Earth Cafe King Street, Newtown Sydney : Organic, Vegan & Gluten-Free

Earth Cafe King Street, Newtown Sydney : Organic, Vegan & Gluten-Free - Dr Earth

"omg this place is the best! they are a store that sell an abundance of vegan/organic products, with a cafe at the front that has an amazing menu." ― rakel eats, Zomato Review
Earth Cafe Newtown offers a vast range of healthy, delicious foods for your breakfast and lunch. Earth Cafe provides one of the best raw, vegan, RSF and gluten-free cake varieties, sourcing all local dessert distributors.

The cafe offers great vegan breakfasts, including our Vegan Stack and Vegan Sandwich. But wait… we also have freshly made chicken wraps and B&E rolls for our non-vegan customers. Almost all our ingredients are provided by Dr Earth, ensuring organic high-quality foods, a luxury that few cafes offer.

Earth Cafe’s infamous mylk smoothies are composed of various medicinal mushrooms and superfood powders, making them the tastiest and healthiest smoothies out! In addition to our smoothies, Earth Cafe offers mushroom lattes, combining your favourite caffeine-free lattes with mushroom powders. The Cafe sources SuperFeast® Premium Medicinal Mushrooms, as we are committed to bringing our customers the most pure, potent and effective tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms we can.

Earth Cafe uses Sacred Ground Coffee, which is an Australian Certified Organic brand. This certification ensures that your intake of synthetic chemicals is minimised; you reduce animal cruelty and help encourage sustainable farming practices. Sacred Grounds manually roast all their Single Origins individually so they can bring out the best possible flavour of every bean.


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